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Boomstick Trio

is all you need to give your skin that dewy radiant, colorful look of joy! It is a whole cosmetic bag in just three easy to use sticks. Use for lipstick, eyeshadow, skin luster, highlighter and moisturizer for eyes, face, lips, cuticles and more. Blending perfectly with every skin tone makes this set great for gifts!

Weight: 8 Grams each


  • These three super convenient multitasking cosmetic sticks will replace everything in your make up bag.
  • Moisturizer, Color, Radiance is all it takes to reveal your natural believable beauty.
  • Great savings.


  • Less is more!
  • Three steps to a healthy sexy GLO!
  • Simple, easy and fast to looking ready for any occasion!
  • Simple, 3 step system for any occasion. Very easy to use!

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