Who We Are

BOOM! by Cindy Joseph is the first pro-age cosmetic and skin care line for women of every generation.

Made with only quality ingredients, BOOM! is a groundbreaking cosmetic and skin care line that enhances the natural beauty of every woman—in every phase of life.

Created by a makeup artist who became a silver-haired supermodel at age 49, BOOM! brings the revolutionary idea of “pro-age” to women’s cosmetics and skin care.

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Boom by Cindy
Boom by Cindy

The Boom Philosophy

Like our founder, Cindy Joseph, we reject the message that women become less attractive as they age. Instead, we believe that women only get better, happier and more beautiful with age.

In our society, women are often led to believe that our value comes from our youthful appearance. If you’re young (or if you look young), you will be more valued.

The time when we’re considered the most beautiful is during the childbearing years of our 20s and 30s. Where did that idea come from? It was before we entered the workforce and before we were valued for our creativity, leadership, skills and strength.

But that was a hundred years ago! Yet, we’re still walking around thinking our value comes from our youth.

Our value is innate. Our attractiveness is, too. Here at BOOM!, we believe that you are unique and beautiful at every age. We encourage you to see yourself that way too.

The Pro-age Revolution

Our society is inundated with messages about women and aging, and all of these negative messages perpetuate the same myth: that we diminish with age.

This myth makes many companies a lot of money. All those folks selling “anti-aging” cosmetics, “anti-wrinkle” creams, hair dyes that “hide your gray”—they all profit handsomely from our feelings of insecurity about getting older.

That’s why we are Pro-age, not Anti-age.

At BOOM!, we are committed to undoing the damaging myths we all carry about aging and encouraging each other to start living our truth—that as we get older, we get better.

That is what the Pro-age Revolution is about. Our founder, Cindy Joseph, created this worldwide movement to encourage women to recognize their own value and see that we are all beautiful, exactly the way that we are.

At BOOM, we are building a global community of women who are part of the Pro-age Revolution. We are creating a larger cultural understanding that as we age we become happier, healthier, wiser and more authentically ourselves.

Boom by Cindy

Pro-age products, designed for every age.

Our philosophy has inspired us to create an entire line of pro-age cosmetics and skin care to bring out a woman’s natural beauty at every age.

Hundreds of thousands of women use our creamy cosmetics to highlight the beauty of their 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond.

Our skin care line brings out your natural radiance in every decade of life. Made with nourishing, healthy and often all-natural ingredients, Boom’s revolutionary skin care gives you simple, safe products to moisturize, nourish, cleanse and exfoliate every inch of your skin.

All our products echo our pro-age philosophy of health, happiness, vitality, well-being and self-love at every age. To learn more, visit our store

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