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    Simplify your makeup routine

  • less is more

    These three multi-tasking cosmetic sticks will replace everything in your makeup bag.
  • all three boomsticks in one

    Moisturizer, color, and radiance are all you need to accentuate your natural beauty.
  • great savings

    Save when you buy all three Boomsticks.
  • perfect for gifts

    Blends perfectly with every skin tone.

    How to apply boomstick

    Watch Boomstick Glo Demo

    Boomstick Glo

    is an organic moisturizer in a convenient stick that creates a protective mantel over your skin. Use it on your face, lips, eyes, neck, cuticles, and anywhere you want to protect, heal and moisturize.
    Watch Boomstick Color Demo

    Boomstick Color

    provides sheer color that works with any skin tone. It's lipstick, blush, and eyeshadow rolled into one. Apply to your cheeks, lips, eyes, neck, forehead, and anywhere you naturally blush to accentuate your natural vitality.
    Watch Boomstick Glimmer Demo

    Boomstick Glimmer

    gives your skin a subtle radiance that won't accentuate the texture of your skin. Use Glimmer to highlight your cheek bones, brow, lips, shoulders, anywhere else you want a little extra luster.

BOOMSTICK TRIO (Glo, Color & Glimmer)

All three boomsticks in one
$ 76.00

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