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“I’m over 70 and my skin looks amazing! Thank you!”

“Hello, my name is Betty Leigh. I wanted to tell you a little bit about something I found that has made a huge difference in my skin. I can speak from experience that as we age it’s not a matter of what you put on your skin and eating certain things and so forth. The mechanics of your skin are as follows: Your skin does not get rid of the old dead skin naturally like it did when we were younger. When we were born, when we were 20, when we were 30, our skin would exfoliate by itself. Well it doesn’t do that as we get older. That’s a problem. So what has happened is I found this: It is a scrub from BOOM! who makes amazing things. What that scrub does is… I use it three or four times a week… it takes away the dead skin which doesn’t go away naturally and just makes your skin look old and dry and old—back to old. What it does is it gets rid of all that stuff and your skin starts making new skin. So you have a fresh look. And your skin is dewey and wonderful. And I thank Cindy Joseph and everybody who helped make this product because I feel my skin looks amazing. And I am well over 70, so that’s serious aging and I’ve got a great product. Thank you!”

—Betty L., New York

“Amazing. My skin is feeling super soft, super refreshed!”

“Hi there! My name is Tamara. I’m 45-years-old. For the past week, I’ve been trying out this new product, Boom Scrub by Cindy Joseph. Like all the other products I’ve tried by Cindy, this one is also amazing. My skin is feeling super soft, super refreshed. And I tend to have a lot of allergies. My skin is really sensitive. And I’ve yet to experience any sort of sensitivity or allergic reaction to any of Cindy’s products. Just like all her other products, it also smells super delicious. Scrub!”

—Tamara V., Brooklyn, New York

“A fresh new baby skin layer came through.”

“Hello. My name is Roxanne Hancock and I have received a first peek and try at Boom Scrub. And this morning, I decided to forego my Boom Clean and try my Boom Scrub first to see how it would react on my skin. I would like to say I’m pleasantly surprised because generally I find that scrubs tend to be a little bit drying for me. I only use them when I feel like I need a deep exfoliation. So this morning, I experienced quite a moisturized skin just after the scrub. The other thing I liked about it is that I felt like a fresh new baby skin layer came through. The grains are also very—they’re soft grains. They’re not the usual grains where you feel like you have sandpaper on your skin. So that was very good. What else would I have to say? Yeah, after it, I used a little bit of Boomsilk, and for those with oiler skin, maybe use the Boom Cotton. And yeah, I’m starting my day. Thank you! Bye. ”

—Roxanne H., New York

“My dry skin, gone.”

“The very first time I used Boom Scrub, my face became cleaner, fresher and brighter. My pores were clean. My dry skin, gone. Then and there, I realized I would be using Boom Scrub happily for a very long time to come. Thank you Cindy.”

—Karen M., New York

“Feel super clean and refreshed!”

“So I don’t usually get excited about products, but because I have dry, sensitive skin, and my skin responds well to Boom products, I was looking forward to trying out the new Boom Scrub. And it did not disappoint! I used the Boom Scrub after I spent a day at the beach. So I was starting to flake a little bit because my skin does—because it’s dry, it does tend to flake. And now, it feels super clean and refreshed! It's a great product, like all Cindy Joseph’s Boom products. Thank you!”

—Riti S., Brooklyn, NY

“I’ve got giant pores, and I’ve actually seen a reduction in them!”

“Hi I’m Karen Thompson, and I’m here today to talk to you a little about Boom Scrub. You can get the actual shot here… which is my new favorite thing. This new scrub is actually showing me some things in a week that I don’t normally see. I’ve got giant pores… don’t want to get too close because it could get scary… And I feel like just in the week that I’ve been using BOOM!, I’ve actually seen a reduction of them. But what I love about what this is doing is that I can still see this kind of clarity. The scrub removes the dead skin so that kind of luminosity—that internal light—is shining through because of the exfoliant of this. It also is incredibly soft. My skin feels incredibly soft. So I am loving it! And I’m seeing it in my skin. So BOOM! you got me for a new one. Thanks!”

—Karen T., Brooklyn, New York

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