6 Reasons To Use Serums and Oils After 50

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How to Support Your Skin in Your 50s, 60s, 70s and Beyond

  • Your skin naturally changes after 50.

    You may have noticed less elasticity and thinner skin. Your skin also loses some of its natural moisture—among other shifts.

    Many women continue using the same skin care regimen they’ve always used, even as their skin’s texture and moisture changes.

    We suggest giving your skin extra loving care through these beautiful years of your life.

    Oils and serums can have amazing moisturizing benefits for dry or cracked skin… but some women don’t know why to use them or how.

    Read this guide to help you navigate your changing skin and incorporate oils and serums for healthier skin after 50.

  • 1. Your skin needs deeper hydration.

    After 50, metabolic shifts can change your skin’s moisture level.

    Sebum is the natural oil your skin makes that’s responsible for your skin’s luster. Production of sebum tends to decrease in your 50s. As a result, your skin may look and feel drier.

    To keep your skin soft and luminous, we suggest supplementing your skin’s oil with a lightweight, all-natural facial oil like Boom Gold.

    Boom Gold is made with eight organic oils, including essential oils, to penetrate your skin’s layers to deliver moisture right where your skin needs it most.

    To use Boom Gold, simply apply a drop or two to your fingertips and gently massage it into the delicate skin on your face and neck.

  • 2. Your skin is more susceptible to vitamin loss.

    Exposure to pollution, sun or smoke can rob your skin of vitamins and vital nutrients. These vitamins help guard against sun damage, neutralize free radicals and help repair skin.

    As we age, thinner, drier skin can lead to even more vitamin loss.

    We suggest a vitamin-rich serum that replaces what you may be losing. Boom Nectar contains 16 all-natural ingredients, including vitamins A, D, K and E, to deeply replenish your skin.

    We handpicked each ingredient to support your skin through your 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond, including organic jojoba oil, a natural moisturizer, and avocado oil, which helps fight inflammation.

    It also contains camu camu extract from camu camu berries. These berries contain 30 times the amount of vitamin C found in oranges for a powerful antioxidant boost.

    To use Boom Nectar, use your fingertips to apply a few drops to your face and neck or wherever your skin feels dry. Dab lightly on delicate skin, like around your eyes.

  • 3. Oils make a wonderful no-makeup primer.

    The dry skin we often experience after 50 can make it tougher to apply your makeup smoothly.

    To help with this, some women apply a primer or foundation. Unfortunately, without adequate moisture, foundation can settle into fine lines which only draws attention to your skin’s texture.

    Instead, we suggest using Boom Gold as a no-makeup primer to deeply moisturize your skin first. A drop or two of Boom Gold will make it easier to both apply and blend your makeup.

    Boom Gold’s lightweight formula absorbs quickly, so it’s never sticky or oily. Boom Gold’s organic ingredients will give your complexion a dewy radiance that’s beautiful with or without makeup.

    You may find after using Boom Gold for a while, you no longer need foundation at all.

  • 4. Collagen production decreases.

    Collagen is present throughout your body but is especially abundant in the skin. It forms the thickest layer of your skin and makes your skin appear plump.

    Collagen production begins to decline in your mid-20s and continues to lessen throughout your life. By the time we reach our 40s, this skin layer thins and fine lines begin to form.

    Using a daily serum like Boom Nectar, or facial oil like Boom Gold, that supports production of this vital skin component may help. Both contain honey with naturally occurring royal jelly. This all-natural ingredient, direct from our beehives in Hawaii, has been shown to help repair skin cells and enhance collagen production.

  • 5. Serums and oils are highly concentrated.

    At BOOM!, we always say less is more, especially after 50.

    Both Boom Nectar and Boom Gold are highly concentrated, so a little goes a long way.

    You only need to apply a drop or two of either Boom Gold or Boom Nectar to deliver vitamins, minerals and moisture to the deepest layers of your skin. You don’t need to apply multiple times a day or in large amounts, so both are designed to last.

    Boom Nectar is a more robust, moisturizing serum, while Boom Gold is a lightweight, organic oil. You can use each alone or together for an even more powerful concentration of vitamins, fatty acids and nutrients.

    Both of these also help your skin look and feel its best… regardless of whether you wear a little makeup, a lot of makeup or none at all.

  • 6. They are simple and easy to use.

    You can safely use Boom Gold or Boom Nectar daily, twice a day, or less often. You can also use them alone or under other products.

    You can also apply either or both in the morning or at night before bed. You can easily adjust your usage to fit oils and serums into your daily routine.

    The potent dose of vital nutrients and moisturize delivered by oils and serums will keep your skin looking and feeling radiant and healthy throughout your 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond.

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Our late founder, Cindy Joseph, created our original Boom cosmetics and skin care line. As a makeup artist for 27 years, Cindy had unique insight into exactly how to bring out every woman’s natural beauty at every age. Cindy always said: “As women age, looking fresh, rather than made up, is the key.”

“The biggest makeup mistake that middle-aged women make is putting on too much under eye concealer,” Cindy used to say. “At home, it might look OK, but in the daylight, it just looks like a bunch of gunk under your eyes. The older you get, the less makeup you should wear. It ’s not a blank canvas anymore.

Long before Cindy founded BOOM!, she had two very successful careers—first as a makeup artist, and then as a silver-haired supermodel.

Cindy began her 27-year career as a makeup artist in San Francisco in the late ’70s, working for Macy’s, Esprit de Corp and others. It was there she pioneered the first “natural look” for women— which would later become the inspiration for our Boom cosmetics.

At age 49, Cindy let her hair go gray, and just like that, she was spotted on a New York sidewalk by a scout for the fashion photographer Steven Miesel and began her career as a silver-haired supermodel. Over the next two decades, she was featured in ads for Target, L.L. Bean, Dolce & Gabbana, DKNY, Olay, Nivea and others.

In her early 60s, she went into the cosmetics business herself with BOOM! After nearly three decades as a makeup artist, Cindy wanted to create the exact cosmetics she would want in her own makeup kit. As a silver-haired supermodel, she wanted to design a line of cosmetics that was not about hiding, but was about revealing a woman’s natural beauty at every age. We are proud to say: she succeeded. The overall effect is a dewy, natural look that’s ideal for every age.

Cindy’s pro-age legacy lives on in the hundreds of thousands of women worldwide who follow her pro-age philosophy, and wear Boom cosmetics and skin care.

“Today, Cindy’s legacy lives on in the hundreds of thousands of women who use Boom cosmetics and skin care.”


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Moisturize your skin down to its deepest layers with eight organic oils that absorb quickly and easily. Use this lightweight facial oil for softer skin and a glow that’s beautiful at every age.

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