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21Jul 2012

SWC Week 11: A Short and Quick Hello


Welcome to week Eleven of Saturday With Cindy! This video is a short one but I will be back in action next week!


00:25 – Cindy’s recent TV and radio interviews
01:20 – Cindy’s movie date with her fiancé
01:50 – Look out for more next week

Hi. Is it Saturday already? Where did that week go? Man, I’ve been busy.
Have you too?

So I did a radio interview. I did two TV interviews, and one of them is
going to show up in the Connecticut/Massachusetts area on Monday. I will
definitely post the information in case you live around there. And, if not,
I will post a link as soon as they put it up. I’m really excited about it
because we started out with a demo on three different women, different
ages, different skin tones. Very, very exciting.

So I have a lot to cover. And how about this pink glow back here? First
time I’ve had that. Something magical must be going on. It’s raining
outside, so the lighting is very different right now. I’m at my vanity
again. It seems to be a good spot to do this.

So, where do we start? Uh-oh. Someone’s at the door. I’ll be back.

Hey. It’s late. We just got back from the movies. That’s what the knock at
the door was. It was my fiancé reminding me I was supposed to stop working
and go play. So we had dinner, went to the movies, had a good time. So I
hate to not give you more than this, but man, it was a big week, a big
week. And I’ll be sending you all the goodies from that, and I’ll probably
make up for it next Saturday. So stick around, I’ll be back.

  • Barb

    Hi Cindy – I think you give good advice. Sometimes we do need to stop working and just play! That keeps us healthy and happy…..

  • Jeanne Kuskowski

    have a restful weekend!

  • tammy j

    well. this was good. finally … finally!!! you took some time for yourself!
    it’s all about balance, as you know and you deserve many such breaks.
    (and so does your fiance’). we’ll always be here when you come back. lol.
    … in the getting of life… don’t forget out to live. i love that.
    actually i think i just made it up. i don’t know! but it’s true.
    have a wonderful weekend!!! you are a silver success.

  • Cathy Seabrook

    good that you have such a caring man, all work no play makes for no fun!
    You deserve It

  • Deborah


  • Mary Beth

    cannot wait to see the show on Monday…I will post the link as soon as it becomes available on the website!!!! So, which movie did you go to see?

  • Bruce

    Yes it is very important to play and have fun, I have the greatest job in the world, being Cindy’s support crew, friend, lover and fiancé. Sometimes I get frustrated when I watch her and how much she puts into Boom and you ladies, that’s when I have to remind her I’m waiting to play and sometimes it’s hard to pull her away. So enjoy her when you can as much as you can.

    • Cindy Joseph

      Hey Baby!
      What a fun surprise to see you here!

  • Maria Shine Stewart

    No problem, Cindy. You’re worth waiting for, and it sounds like word of your work is getting out. Good luck with all the public response!

  • Sue

    Cindy, when are you coming to TORONTO, Canada? I`d love to see you do your magic in person!!!!!

  • lisbeth t hansen

    Hi Cindy.
    Thanks for your short video. I love it that you are so real. Take a break! You deserve it! I had one of those weeks too but good things are happening so it is all good.
    Lisbeth in Santa Rosa, CA.

  • Priscilla Edwards

    What product do you use to give your hair such shine? I also have silver hair in the front and it appears kind of dull. I’ve tried different serums but they aren’t giving me the results I’d like. Thanks for your time, your BOOM and your videos.

  • Carolyn

    Happy weekend girl!