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1Sep 2012

SWC 17: Another Kind Of Beautiful



00:55 – Why “silver hair”?
04:10 – When you believe that your silver hair rocks then others will too
05:10 – Letting your hair grow without dye before judging it
07:35 – Going Gray, Looking Great by Diana Jewell
09:30 – Looking older is exciting, it’s another kind of beautiful

It’s Saturday, it’s Saturday. Heinie-ho and a ooh cha-cha.’ So do you know
where that came from? Think childhood television. ‘It’s Saturday. It’s
Saturday. Heinie ho and a ooh cha-cha’. Well if you think you know where
it’s from; write and let me know. I’ll tell you next week.

All right. So I want to talk about silver hair some more. Why do I call it
silver hair? Because silver is valuable. Gray hair. I have gray hair. I
don’t want to grow my gray hair. Gray days, gray mood. Gray has such a
negative connotation. Silver. Silver’s something you spend a lot of money
on. Something you value. Something you polish. Something that you display
in your home. Silver. People like silver. But the funny thing is, is
there’s actually no such thing as a hair that’s the color silver. Hair can
be brown, and red, and blonde, and all the shades we see it in. And then it
loses all of its color and it grows in white. But what creates the silver
cast is the white hairs mixed with the hairs that haven’t lose their color
yet. I thought that was pretty interesting. So if you have silver hair and
you are rocking it proudly. Great.

That’s the problem with being outside; you get some noise. It was really
fun when we had the thunder the other week. I remember that. We get
helicopters that go by a lot here.

But if you haven’t seen any white hairs on your head yet and you’re
wondering how you’ll deal with it when you do, or you’ve been coloring your
white hairs and you’re thinking you want to stop. It can be pretty
confronting. For all the myriad of reasons that we know, women losing their
value as they start looking older. That it is a huge subject but today
we’re going to talk specifically about silver hair. So, you’re thinking
about doing it and then you dare to stop and you see about maybe even an
inch of it in your roots. And you’re like, ‘Oh that looks terrible. It’s
dank. It’ has no depth to it. It’s awful.’ And then you dye it. Or you get
that little bit grown out and you’re thinking, ‘This is exciting. And maybe
my hairdresser will help me.’ And you go to the salon and they’re like, ‘I
don’t think so girlfriend. You’ve got to cover that. You’ve got to cover
that silver hair. OK?’ Or ‘Oh no. You’re going to look so much older than
your husband. And what are your kids going to say? And what about your
boss? You might lose your job. Honey, color that.’ Oy vey. That is
completely and totally ridiculous. Not your feelings about it, no. But the
beliefs. Beliefs are made up by humans. They are make belief.

So the good news is, you can just change it any time you want. And it
starts with you. When you believe that your silver hair rocks, other people
will too. That’s the nature of man. You can experiment with it in other
area of your life, if this particular thing is really confronting. And I
get it. I get it. I grew up in this society too. I am a woman. So what
you’re feeling is completely righteous. And only do this if you feel like
it, if you’re committed, and it’s exciting. And sometimes scary and
exciting, you know, that thrill, they go together. So I’m here to support
you, whatever you decide. If you decide on this much hair to grow it out or
not, please know that you will never, ever be able to see the beauty of
your particular mix of white and whatever color your hair was, until it
completely grows out. And I promise this is the truth. I have seen women,
they even get to about here and then they freak out because it doesn’t look
so good. Well it doesn’t look good when there’s just this much and then
you’ve got all your dyed hair below. But when it is completely grown out
and you see all the nuances and where the most white is and the least white
and the shape and how the white does this, creates these beautiful patterns
in your hair, you just won’t know how gorgeous it is. And the women that
have dared to do it, 30 years of dying and they throw that bottle in the
garbage and they wear hats and they wear wigs, or they just let the line
show. Once it’s out and they’ve cut off the last bit of dye. They’re like
giddy excited with how beautiful their hair is. And it could be pewter, it
could be salt and pepper, it could be snow white; it could be deep silver,
or bright light silvery pearl silver. Oh my G**, I mean the variety of
colors that women’s hair grows is amazing. Did I say that right? Sometimes
I listen to these Saturday with Cindy videos and I’m like, I should not be
speaking. Oh geez.

Anyway. I just so encourage if you’re really ready, don’t go by two inches.
Let her rip. And if it drives you crazy to have the line, cut your hair
really short, or wear a wig or a hat or a hair band or have your hair
dresser try to get the rest of your hair to look more like the color of
your roots so you won’t have that line. There are so many things you can
do. And the book, the queen of all the books about going silver is ‘Going
Gray; Looking Great’ written by Diana Jewel. And she was asked to write the
book. And the first question was: do I have to go gray to write it? And
they said, ‘No, no, no. You’re a writer. Just write the book.’ As she was
writing the book she got so inspired and so excited and so busy, she forgot
to color her hair and it got about three inches and she though, ‘All right.
Forget it. I’m not dying it any more.’ And on she went, writing, writing,
writing. She ended up creating this magnificent community of women which I
know many of you are in. And she had a website for a very long time. And
now she has Cafe Gray on Zetaboards. Google it and you will see photographs
of women in their 20′s all the way up to their 80′s and 90′s who never dyed
their hair, who always dyed their hair and they’re growing it out inch by
inch. They’re reporting to each other, they’re showing their new styles.
They’re showing, one inch, two inch, three inch, four inch. What they look
like photographed with their families, et cetera et cetera. And I will tell
you, I recently got a message form one of you. And I don’t know the names,
so I’m sorry. However, you said that you’ve been wearing Boom for over a
year and a half. You’ve been behind the message 100% pro-age but it didn’t
click until a Saturday or two ago and you finally the ‘a-ha’ moment and
somebody said to you, ‘Your silver hair looks very beautiful. But I have to
be honest, it makes you look older.’ And you said, ‘Thank you. That’s
wonderful.’ You got it. You got it. Looking older is good. It’s exciting.
It’s another kind of beautiful. So one inch, two inch, three inch, don’t
judge. Let it keep growing until you see it in its full glory and you will
have the most unique, beautiful, special head of hair that belongs to only
one person and that’s you.

  • Maine Islander

    I dyed for about 30 years. Now that I’m silver, I’ve received more compliments on my hair than I ever got while dying….from men as well as women!

  • Bella Luna Toys

    Brava, Cindy! Every word spoken, so true. As you know, you inspired me to stop coloring, which since cutting off the last colored ends, I have never regretted. Growing it out was a painstaking process. I broke up the root line, by adding highlights and lowlights, but that made the process take even longer. Finally, when enough silver was showing, I got a cute and stylish haircut–very short in the back, longer in the front. My hair is now my crowning glory. I get compliments on it from strangers nearly daily. THANK YOU for your inspiration and encouragement!

  • Aunt Bj

    Another fabulous Saturday with Cindy! I love the title! I’m about an inch and a half grown out now and it IS hard to tell at this point what it will look like. I’m seriously considering going shorter just to help things along. I can’t wait to see it! I’m only maybe 1/3 gray, as far as I can tell. I want to do it now so I can watch the silvering process! Its very exciting!

  • Lori

    Love your inspiration….just not ready for the “silver” affect/effect yet. I’m still coloring & highlighting & keratin treatments. Love love love the way it looks. I think I’m just too insecure for “silver” yet. My hair is my security blanket.

    You are so beautiful, Cindy. I would love to see you with an updated style in eyeglasses. I think (and I’m not sure you really care what I think) that these change your chic look. Whatever you decide, I’ll love you anyway. :)

  • Patty

    I haven’t yet ‘gone silver’, though my hair started going grey when I was 28, and I started coloring at 30. However, now, at 47, I have been seriously considering taking the plunge. I talked to my colorist about how to do it, and she suggested using semi-permanent hair color for a full year… at the end of the year you just stop coloring and the silver will reveal itself as the semi-permanent color fades out. That way you avoid the silver stripe and don’t have to cut your hair short either. Ever heard of this approach?

    • CherokeeGirl

      OH MY GOSH NO! Semi perm color still stains the hair – I stopped coloring about 3-4 years ago and I used semi and demi colors only for the years that I did color – and I still had the stripe while growing my hair out (plus, I only retouched regrowth and never pulled color through my hair length unless it was looking dull – so there was no extra build-up to blame it on). If you wish to stop…just stop. The time passes faster than you think and there are websites that will help you pass the time with advice. This is how I found Cindy Joseph! She is one of my inspirations! I LOVE my hair and I love being free of the regrowth haunting and worrying when an event comes up if I have too much regrowth showing…freedom…yay! (I am a Licensed Cosmetologist though I only work on my family these days and run my Etsy shop ;0) Hope it is ok to post a reply.) **I never cut my long hair off – just kept trimming until the stained hair was gone…just about 2-3 times a year or so…I didn’t want to go short.

  • carol

    great timing with the video…..yup, sure is hard to figure what it will look like with just one inch showing…..moving ahead :-) enjoying it!

  • Aida

    Happy, happy, happy there is you, Cindy. You are my Saturday treat. I am an African American woman who has not only let my silver grow in, but my own natural hair. It is beautiful. You are right. The color and texture are beautiful! The variations sparkle – and I didn’t expect that. Keep up the great work!

    • Aida

      oops – I “down arrow-ed” myself. I was playing with the buttons, wondering what the arrows were for. Anyway, great opportunity to tell you Cindy that I also got great inspiration from your “fasting” blog a few weeks ago. Thank you blogger “Gail” for your experience (below) with the reference materials Cindy gave us. I’m getting ready to get them and prepare for fasting. Thank you Cindy and Gail.

  • Kathryn Grant Abernethy

    Started growing my silver almost a year ago. It is now just about halfway through the length of my hair as I continue to trim the ends ( and dye) away. I have made a committment to live my life out loud, this is one of the many steps and it is beautiful!

    and why is facebook pullling amn old picture for my avatar? sigh

  • Eleanor Wolf

    Today is my 76th bday. I am silver and BOOMfaced and ready to rock! Thank you so much Cindy for your inspiration!

    • CherokeeGirl

      Happy Birthday!!! :0)

      • Mary Beth

        Happy Birthday Eleanor! Celebrate YOU today!!!! :)

    • Mandy

      BOOMfaced! I love it!

    • Leigh Wentz

      Happy Birthday!!! I love it too: BOOMfaced!!! :D

  • Gail

    I’m with the other gals below…. GREAT TIMING! for me! My roots are 3″ out now and I’m finally ready to go all the way. I tried it 3 or 4 times over the last two years and chickened out when I had an event or something coming up and didn’t want to go with my skunk stripe… also just anguished over ‘looking older’. I’m 57. Now, I’m not making excuses… just proudly announcing that I am letting my ‘silver’ grow out. Almost every time I tell another woman my age this they say they are thinking about it too! I hope I can rock it and inspire others the way you inspire me Cindy! After all, why should men be the only ones allowed to age gracefully?! It’s nonsense! BTW…. a few weeks back you talked about your plant based diet and told about the DVD, Forks Over Knives. Well I ordered it at my library and got it, along with the book you recommended, The Miracle of Fasting and they have changed my life in a very profound way. I have been on a plant based whole foods diet for three weeks now, gave up coffee and wine and dairy and after about 10 days of uncomfortable headaches, bloating and constipation, just cleansing…. I now feel 30 again!! My energy is ridiculously high and I am sleeping like a baby! I am also noticing a huge improvement in my skin and have lost 7 pounds… back to the weight I was at 30! Cindy you inspire me to no end… This morning I woke up and heard your darling voice in my head, saying, ‘It’s Saturday!!!’… I made a pot of tea and brought it into my office to see what you had to say and once again…. you spoke just to me! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and insights. Do you have any idea how remarkable you are?! Oh… and I think your glasses are cute… so uniquely YOU! Thanks again!

  • CherokeeGirl

    This was a wonderful video that I plan on replaying again and again to remind me of why I never wanna color again! (Also, I will re-watch because you inspire me in many ways – you are a beautiful and elegant lady!) It is SO fun to remember each day as I comb out my hair after my shower each day – that I no longer need to check to see if there is regrowth showing! I was one of the cold turkey/no cut (but for occasional trim) gals from the website that you mention. Never would I have made it without those lovely woman encouraging me along the way. YOU are a lovely inspiration! I look forward to your videos. Catch my hugs! xo

  • Daniela

    Hi Cindy! Thanks for another rockin’, empowering, and confident message. : ) Some years ago I lost all my hair and when it grew back it was white with dark strands underneath and throughout. Admittedly it was beautiful and I received many compliments. But I wasn’t ready for the change, so I colored it. Not anymore. I’ve let it do what it wants to do. I recently cut my hair short to make the transition easier, and the hairstylist complimented my silver! She was young and suggested I let it go natural because she thought it was chic! She also told me that many of her female clients come in looking to have white streaks put in their hair (as you suggested), but that it was a challenging task because it was hard to match the natural and beautiful variations that nature created! When I told her about you and the message you was sending out into the world, she couldn’t wait to look you up! One more thing: when I’m out and about I ALWAYS notice women who have these beautifully-styled silver locks and I compliment them–uncolored hair is healthy hair, and it looks just as beautiful as any other color! I have never seen so many women out there proud to be themselves, taking good care of themselves and aging beautifully. Health is beautiful, no matter what color it comes in! It’s a quiet and peaceful, yet powerful state of mind and heart that I want to have and that I wish for others. Thank you, Cindy.

  • Melissa Agner

    GOD BLESS YOU CINDY, YOU ARE THE REASON MY SILVER HAIR ROCKS! I saw a photo of you 6 years ago and I was transformed. I decided then and there that I would not look back…only look forward. I stopped dyeing my hair. My friends were not very encouraging, but I was on MY MISSION. I love my silvers. I was never really satisfied with my artificial hair color. I hated the time and money I spent for the ongoing maintenance. In fact, I think I look better now than I did when I dyed my hair. I agree that our natural NEW SILVERS create our own unique halos. I wish people would not think of aging so negatively. It can be such a positive force to take control of it and own it. Ladies, you are not letting yourselves go if you stop coloring your grays….you are letting yourselves SHINE! Thank you Cindy for spreading the word with your beautiful face and positive energy!

  • VJ

    Thanks Cindy for speaking about silver hair. You were my inspiration to start growing mine out but I couldn’t have done it without the support at Silver Cafe. I’m 2 inches and growing inward. Butterfly on cafe.

  • Gloria

    I’ve never regretted allowing my hair to be natural, empowering and beautiful, no question.

  • momak

    I had let my hair go ‘natural’ and really liked it. Then came the single time of my life. When I was ready to start dating again I was convinced I needed to color my hair and look younger. …a few years later, I’m still single, I think it’s time to get back to my “roots”. Thank you Cindy! I’m not going gray, I’m replacing the color with chrome.

  • Darrell

    I have been silver for many years now. I let it grow long and am loving both the silver and the curls. Just this week when I was feeling a bit dowdy,,,we all have those moments,,, another woman in the grocery store complimented me on my hair. She said…”Your hair is beautiful”. I suprised myself by the way I said “Thank You”….with such a loud and happy voice. Guess I was just waiting to celebrate…Thanx again Cindy for your words of wisdom. Love your hair. Darrell

  • Debbie B

    I’m in the vanguard of Boomers, born in 1946. My grandmother had beautiful silver hair, but my mother dutifully began to color her hair in her 40′s. I followed suit. After all, these were modern times when people could look young forever if they worked at it!. Mom colored her hair into her early 80′s, and then I did it for her. During a prolonged hospitalization, I stopped coloring her hair and was pleased to see how pretty it was as it grew out. Shortly afterwords, I quit working at the age of 62 to take care of her. It seemed pretty meaningless to color my hair after I quit working (also, I always hated doing it), so I stopped. I had been using “temporary” hair color, that faded after a couple of months and I thought it was gone. I was kinda bummed out by the ugly shade of “gray” my hair was becoming. As it grew out, though, the beautiful variegated silvers began to appear, much like your color. And soft!!! It’s like silk. I love the way it feels. Lesson learned, temporary hair color isn’t temporary. It may fade, leaving an ugly yellowish residue, but you have to cut it off, so don’t give up! Anyway, my silver hair rejuvenated me! I realized I could wear red! I had fun finding new make up colors. I lost weight. I was finally liberated! Think of it, all of you who are afraid to take the leap. We were the generation of women’s lib and “do your own thing.” Our mothers were supposed to be the dutiful conformists not us!!!! So Rock On and free yourself.

  • Liz

    I’ve let my silver grow in and I love it! What is amazing to me is the reactions I get. My younger sister hates it and every time I see her she comments on how I need to dye it. My kids don’t like it either. It makes me wonder why. It makes me wonder how hair color could mean so much to someone when life is full of better and bigger things. My youngest daughter was in the room while I watched today’s video and came over to watch it with me. She took one look at you and said, “Her silver hair is pretty.” Maybe we’ve turned a corner in my house.
    Either way I don’t care what people think. I love it!

    • Maria Shine Stewart

      Sometimes I think that people are frightened by what they consider signs of aging, suggesting the passing of time. But the passing of time is reality, and the beautiful inner spirit will continue to shine through, if we let it. All the best. You are brave to continue despite naysayers.

  • K. Scott

    I am at the half silver and the blonde! May cut a few inches off to accelerate the process. That is another issue. But, my hair grows fast and that’s it! It will grow back! Thank you again for your inspiration! A young friend of mine, who does yard work for me ,20, Walked through and heard a second of what you were saying and said ,”she’s right, when you get older why try to look younger by dying your hair. There is nothing wrong with Silver! Look how great your friend looks!” How wise is that!

  • Leigh Wentz

    Hi Cindy, at 59, I’m just starting to get SILVER highlights! I’ve never colored my hair and I’m so grateful to have found you before I made the mistake! Please never stop the SATURDAYS WITH CINDY-you are obviously an inspiration to so many! Btw, LOVE those retro glasses! I hope everyone has a fabulous week!
    Love, Leigh :)

  • Sharon

    I have long silver hair. It iswhat it is

  • Sharon

    It is true what Cindy says’. Can’ t tell how it will look until grown out

  • Tracy

    Hi Cindy – I read in last weeks comments that you were going to reformulate the Boom Silk to have less oil (which I am so glad for since I have oily skin). Do you have any idea when the new product will be available? Thanks

  • Letty

    You have done more to promote women, (their self-worth, their confidence and their natural beauty), than all the harsh and angry feminist social movements out there! I cannot tell you what a freeing thing it is to watch your videos each week. I’m 72, and am getting threads and streaks of “silver” – which I have been told to ‘color’ – and I didn’t want to – but felt ‘less than attractive’ with them. Too bad I needed someone else to give me the confidence I didn’t have – but you did that for me – and I appreciate it beyond words. It’s just so wonderful to be steeped in the philosophy of “Pro-Aging” instead of ‘anti-aging’ (which, of course, is impossible – because we are ‘all’ aging – every moment of our lives). Yours is such a healthy philosophy – and you light up my day every time I listen to you. Thank you for what you have done for women!! You are beautiful – inside and out!!

  • Lwinkelmann

    Oh Cindy! I so needed the subject you talked about today! I have been growing out my dyed hair for months and am at the O.M.G. stage with my short hair where i’m seeing my beautiful silver on backs and side but still have a big CIRCLE of dyed light redish color. I have been feeling kinda yuckish about it, but you were the positive fix I so needed today. I’m almost there! Cindy and Cindy Sisters have a great week.

  • Anya M.

    Cindy, thanks for this great message. You are such an inspiration. I quit coloring my hair after 20 years last October and it now almost all completely silver! I love the double takes I get from people that haven’t seen me in a long time and I love say it’s the authentic me!!! I’ll be 49 in two weeks…never thought I would ever let my hair go gray before 50, but I’m so happy with the help of Cafe Gray cafe and women like you I got the courage to quit coloring! I feel so much more like myself!

  • Patricia

    Hi, Cindy! Thank you for another fun and supportive Saturday!… I colored my brown hair in my early 20′s, not because of any white in it, but to get a more reddish highlight (I’ve always loved red hair!). Since my late 20′s I’ve let my hair grow out its natural color, and by my early 30′s the white began to show ~ first at the temples. Now at age 60, my hair is nearly completely white, except in the back along my neckline. I’ve never regretted throwing out the bottle of coloring ~ but I will admit that I reached a point in my 50′s when I did feel “old” whenever I looked in the mirror. It was a difficult time though in other respects ~ I had been married to a man much younger than myself since 1989 and things were not going well. Then the divorce came, I was free, I cut my hair short, and I found you! I am now extremely happy with my white hair, and so grateful for you and all you do to support the women of the Boom generation!… In regards to the tune you were singing, I remember it as the melody for a Pepsodent toothpaste ad: “You’ll wonder where the yellow went when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent.” Is that what you had in mind? :0) … Have a lovely weekend, Cindy!

  • Princess

    Cindy, Hi, thank you for your beautiful message. I really needed it. I just had my long hair trimmed an inch and long layers. My Silver starts around my face and forehead. The hair dresser suggested I may want to color it as she put a soft side bang. My hair is in changing stages from dark brown to reddish and then turns silver. I have “THE LINE” but Im not coloring. I am loving to myself and embrace the changes of life. People have told me they feel drawn to me and that they can feel the love that radiates from within. But we can love others as we also love ourselves. Thank you for your encouragement and what you do for the sisters.Im Proud of my crown of glory. (my silver)
    Love you sis! have a blessed week

  • Susie

    Hi CIndy, this Saturday video really made me smile. I am getting my first “silvers” and after years of fearing this, I can smile and not feel intimidated. There are so many eras of beauty in a woman’s life, and you so poignantly remind us every week to never feel shame but only glory in whatever life stage we are in. I love your Saturday videos! I really look forward to them every week. Thank you so much for giving us such a positive lovely way to view our health and beauty.

  • Robin

    A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, and I don’t mind calling my hair gray. Enjoying your Saturdays and of course the wonderful Boom line of products. Have a great LAbor Day weekend!

  • Kathy Hurrle

    My hair is very silvery but the word gray doesn’t bother me at all. I’ve always loved gray sweaters and tops and wore that color often when I was a brunette. Now that my hair is silver, gray tops look even better on me. I have also found out that I have more choices of colors to wear with my silver hair than I did with my dark hair. I never did look that good in beige even when I was a brunette and I still don’t now, but I looked good in dark brown and I still do. When my hair was dark I looked good in darker bolder colors but not in pastels. Now I like dark, medium and pastel colors on me. It’s wonderful. I have been able to tripple my wardrobe choices since letting my silver color come out. And now I’m on my way to growing it long. I am really looking forward to looking down on my shoulder and seeing my silver hair lay accross a bright colorful top. I just get all giddy about it. Thainks Cindy for another wonderful Saturday with Cindy…..Have a great weekend.

  • HT

    Thanks for another fun video, and about one of my favorite things, silver hair! I’ve been silver for a couple of years- and people keep telling me I look younger! Not that I mind looking older, but I found that really interesting; I think it’s because silver is so flattering to the skin tone, as opposed to a harsh dyed shade, and of course, Boomsticks in place of heavy powder etc.! Thanks for being such an inspiration!

  • sue

    This vlog is timely, Cindy, as I`m about 1 inch into my transition and more than just a little anxious to see MORE!
    Thanks again sweet sister!

  • Betsy diFrancesca

    I’m so sad that I’m going to miss you in Nyack at Maria Luisa this month! My parents live there and I’m visiting them in October. Well, I hope you come to Los Angeles in the future.
    “It’s Saturday, Saturday, a hey nonny nonny and a ha cha cha…” I know it but I can’t remember where it came from. I know it’s from my childhood TV watching vault….maybe one of the shows that were part of the Wonderful World of Disney. Sky King?
    Anyway, I love your Saturday videos and love Boomstick!

  • Barbara H.

    I just started useing BOOM makeup for older women..I really like it. I have always liked a natural look and this is wonderful. I’m 61 years young and now that I have found BOOM I won’t be using any other makeup. People look at me and know there is something different but just don’t know what. As for the Silver hair I have rocked that for about 6 years. I use to have low lights put in my hair and my stylist told me my Silver hair was beautiful just let it go and I did . I have been happy about it ever since….

  • Stacy

    While you were talking I was reminded that I love silver and platinum jewelry. Not a fan of gold except white gold. SO this means when all my silver hair is grown out it will be a beautiful silver mane, a crown of silver on my head, a different kind of jewelry. Yahoo!

    And I think I got this from my husband, a comic book nerd, that Storm from X-Men has all white hair and she looks AWESOME! Haha!

    Thanks Cindy!

  • Shirley Tirrell

    Love your videos! So inspiring….Keep rocking the SILVER!!

  • rosie

    Hi Cindy, I’m writing this from Cornwall in the U.K. I am very lucky that there are a lot of alternative minded, and strong women living around me who are also embracing their silver hair and they really shine. I am currently in my third year of transistion and have the most beautiful “silver wings” appearing which I have grown to love. Yes, there were times when I could have given up especially in the early days when (like you mentioned) you have a few inches of silver and the rest dyed. It looked terrible, but I wore lots of hats and hairbands and ignored women who were not supportive and continue to dye their hair! Luckily, my husband is great and supportive (well he wouldn’t be my husband if he wasent)!!
    For me there has been so much growth and personal development since I embarked on this journey in other areas apart from my hair. I feel much more at peace with who I am and embrace the true natural me and people say I “shine” which is nice. I couldn’t have got this far without the wonderful support and tips from Diana, yourself and all the other amazing women on their own journeys. I still have about six inches of dye left and will cut it off slowly as I want to keep my hair long. When its all cut out I will post a pic on Facebook.
    Looking forward to next Saturday’s post Cindy. Thanks.

  • Eleanor Wolf

    yesterday I used some Boomsilk on my husbands face and he loved it…today he got in to my stash on his own….now I will order him his own jar!

  • Donna Cognac

    Never heard that one and I was born 1945. Must have been a local thing. You explain the reason for different shades of gray hair well. Women should try to find gray shoes or color their shoes in shades of gray that are in their hair. The look of the same color on your feet balancing the color on your head is FABULOUS.
    I talk about the product for coloring your shoes on my blog, The Color Advisor. I’m not trying to bootleg your video blog. I think it’s great!

  • Janyce

    I’ve been a natural silver for 12 years now and was totally surprised this week while getting some lab work done at my doctor’s office. The lab tech told me several times how beautiful I was and praised my silver pixied hair which she said accented my blue eyes. Can you imagine something like that happening at 73? What a gift!

  • Barb A.

    You inspired me to grow mine out about five years ago. I love it! What do you use for shampoo/conditioner to keep yours so soft and shiny looking? Keeping it from becoming dull and straw like is important to help silver hair look healthy… Any suggestions? Thanks, Barb from Kent, Washington

  • Deb

    Hi Cindy, great message!!! I am 54 yrs. young and I stopped coloring THE FIRST time when I was 44. I loved the silver color and wore it that way for about 1 1/2 yrs. Then one day I wasn’t feeling in the best of health, my body was aching from some horrible pain and I thought if I colored my hair I wouldn’t FEEL as old as (I thought) I looked. So wrong … I colored again until last December and decided I really hated to be putting all of those chemicals into my body so I stopped cold turkey. It only took about 6 months total to grow it out … as I keep my hair in a shorter style. I received so many compliments during my transition and I really liked what was happening. I continue to get many compliments about my color and cut everyday. I DO NOT feel old or look old!!!! I love how you described the many feelings and frustrations of the transition and I really hope that others who are going thru it, do not give up. People say to me all the time, ” If I knew my hair would be the same silver as yours, I would let it go natural”. My answer to them is, ” you won’t know what silver shade your hair is until you completely make it thru the transition”! Have a great week and see you next Saturday, love your videos!

  • Maria

    Thank you Cindy for your inspiring words, they were very timely as I have just decided to grow out the dye and embrace the silver and I am really excited about the process. At the moment I have about an inch of silver showing and lots of silver underneath, so to speed things up I am going to get my longish hair cut. Cindy I think your message is so important, our society does appear to value youth over age and wisdom. I am in my late 40s and I truly believe that I have learnt and developed more in this decade than any other time, and great times are ahead (pardon the pun). I also loved your video about menopause, and thank you for introducing me to Christiane Northrup. I have now got her book “The Wisdom of Menopause” which I think is an essential read for anyone going through this life changing time. Dr Northrup, like you, tells it straight, but also focuses on the positive. Keep up the great work and God Bless

  • Bina

    Your videos are fantastic. I am not a looking-for-a-guru kinda woman, but I have to say, that your attitude and your simple psychology life advise are wonderful and refreshing. I have also bought your products and they are glam to the max. I cannot put on makeup if my life depends on it, but I can do your routine and look really solidly awesome with it! As for the hair thing. I have a Lily Munster thing going on, and I think I still will dye my hair the dark dark brown it is, but let those the little strands that creep in and say HELLO to the world. I am 43 BTW and never have felt to disguise that, although gravity is a beotch… Cheers!

  • KK

    Cindy, the little “Saturday” song is from The Little Rascals. I sing it every Saturday morning when I wake up!

    • cindy joseph

      OMG!!! You know it AND sing it???!!!! Wonderful. Is this THE KK?
      If so, I can just hear you singing it. YAY!! I think you deserve to win a prize for this! Write to me at and I will send you a Boomstick!!! OXOX

  • MaryAnn Carroll

    I started the transition Oct 2011 and by December I got it cut short. I’ll never look back. I’m thrilled I made the change. I will remember to say, “thank-you” the next time I’m told it makes me look old. I’ve heard it a few times. I’ve only thought…. “that comment is about you, not me :o)”