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14Jul 2012

SWC 10: Cindy On Fasting


Welcome to week Ten of Saturday With Cindy! This week we are talking about fasting!! Please watch the video, then leave me a blog comment below letting me know your thoughts on diet and health!


01:55 – Make sure you can rest while fasting
03:00 – When you’re not digesting your body can focus on healing
03:50 – Cindy recommends books on fasting
04:15 – After you fast you will be attracted to healthier foods
05:00 – The benefits of a plant-based diet

Hey everybody. Oh, man. What a week. Okay. This is the deal. You see that lamp back there, my bed unmade, my life has been on the bed for the past two days because I have had a film crew in my house. Nothing to do with me or Boom. They paid us to use the house for two days. It’s a Google TV commercial, and it’s unbelievable what they did. When I walked in we didn’t recognize the house.

This beautiful room that I have, this sitting room with a library, turned into young college students’ dorm, with stuff all over the walls and dirty laundry. It was like being transported to some college. It was amazing, but it really upturned my life.

So it’s literally the night before Saturday, I was just finishing my work day and all of a sudden I went, “Ahh. I haven’t done a Saturday with Cindy video.” So here I am thinking that I wanted to answer some more of your questions.

One of the questions that kept coming in over and over is about diet and fasting, which I have talked about before, but I guess I need to talk about it a little more.

Okay. When you’re going to spring clean your house and you really roll up your sleeves and dig in and wash the walls and clean out the closets, and dust the chandeliers, and really hard core spring cleaning, do you invite a bunch of people over and have a party, and have to concentrate on something else? No. You close the windows, close the doors. Don’t invite anybody over. Pull your sleeves up, tie your hair back, and you dig in and you work hard.

So when you fast, when you stop eating food and you allow your body to do deep cleaning, spring cleaning, you don’t want to give it anything to do. So you don’t exercise. You don’t work. You rest. Just like you have the flu. You’re just lying there until your body heals itself.

And you don’t give it any food. Because what your body does, when it’s digesting, you can hand it broccoli, or you can hand it meat, or you can hand it something with all kinds of chemicals in it, it’s like, “Huh.” Your body’s like, “Okay. We got to deal with this, guys.” And it’s digesting everything, throwing away the toxins, pulling in the vitamins, sending it in the right direction.

When you don’t do any of that, your body is, like, ‘Oh, cool. I’ve got some time to do some deep cleaning on the pancreas, or the liver, or the bowels. Or allow the heart to heal. It’ got a little damage, and we want to mend and knit and fix.’

But, if all of a sudden, it’s like, “Oh, no, guys. There’s something coming down the pipe.” They have to stop that work and start dealing with the digestion, or the concentration on work, thinking, figuring. All those things that you do. Your body is delivering to you 24/7.

So another word for fasting is rest, rest, rest. And the joke amongst fasters is: The reason they call it a fast is because that’s when you heal the fastest. I highly recommend read any books you can get your hands on about fasting. The Miracle of Fasting is kind of the grandfather book about it. I think it’s great to do it once a year. Fasting is really miraculous.

And then after you fast, when your body is like a new born baby’s body, and you go to the grocery store, you look at all the boxes of processed foods and it just doesn’t compute. Go to the produce section. Go to the meat section, the chicken section. But go to all the real whole foods and you will respond.

And more than likely you will find yourself a little bit, ugh, on the dead flesh and very attracted to the fruit. Fruit is a perfect recipe in a beautiful package. It was made by Mother Nature. You don’t have to thing about it. You don’t have to measure anything. You don’t have to plan anything. You just pick it and enjoy it, and your body loves fruit. It’s the easiest thing to digest.

Vegetables are next. Rice and beans are next. Nuts and seeds are next. Your body loves it all. And, sorry, it’s fruit, and then the next complex is vegetables, and the next is grains. And then seeds and nuts, etc.

So I highly recommend fasting. I highly recommend a vegan diet. There’s a fantastic move called Forks Over Knives. I recommend that and I’ll be recommending more videos in the future. But if you start looking up vegan and reading about it, all those videos will pop up. So I hope you enjoyed this Saturday with Cindy. It was a quickie. See you next Saturday.

  • sue

    Hmmmm ….interesting.

  • Stacey Chan

    I always see “fasting” is something related to religion. Christians fast for religious fulfillment, Muslims especially, have a mandatory fasting month once in a year. In this video, you have delivered simple message about fasting and its benefit to our bodies! I should embrace this new life-style :)

  • syn

    Even when it is ‘quick’, like today’s sharing, this was very helpful. Your energy at such an early hour in the day is inspiring. Thank you.

  • Aunt Bj

    Hi Cindy! One question about today’s video. When you do a once a year fast, how far do you go? How many days? I’m going to start up my once a week mini fasting again. If I do that on the same day each week, my body adjusts to that and takes that time to do “other” things. I find it helps in a lot of areas. I’m assuming the once a year thing is much more hard core than that though.

  • TheFloweringEarth

    Thank you so much Cindy! You are such a lovely lady! I will read that book that you mentioned! HUGS!

  • gardenmim

    YESSSS!!!!! At the beginning I thought–I’ll post a comment recommending FORKS OVER KNIVES, & Bingo! From a fellow veg or “nutritarian”, let’s get our bodies, health & LIFE back! Yeah, Cindy! Off the subject, but “Boomish”–another use for my Boomstick. I use a light bit on my fingerrtip to keep those errant eyebrows in place. Love it! Go Cindy, keep up the good work!

  • Mimsi

    I became a Raw Vegan oh so gradually over a six year span. My reasoning was for the inhumane way the animals are raised and slaughtered. Doing so has blessed my heart, my health and mostly my soul. If you want to become an instant Vegan, very easily, please watch the video title EARTHLINGS. You can watch it online even! Please tell your friends to do so as well. I truly believe we all care and only need to be informed of what goes on to get the meat in the packages. Please see this video and listen to your heart. Forks Over Knives is wonderful too! Cindy, you are such a gentle soul but such a wonderful spirit! Thank you for using your beauty, charisma and resources for the good of all women!! Much love to you.

    • Deborah Miles

      I watched half of Earthlings today and had to stop at half because I was crying so much I couldn’t see or talk to my husband.

  • Kelly Ann

    I have watched Forks Over Knives” before… My son has a degee in kinesiology and nutrition and he had recommended it… It is amazing and well worth watching. Are you familiar with the book “Back to Eden?” I think you would find it quite interesting. I have fasted when praying before but never just for health reasons…. You have inspired me yet again! Blessings to you! <3

  • tammy j

    wonderful video! i hope they re-painted your beautiful white room after hanging all that stuff on the walls… or maybe they didn’t hurt them. hope not!
    this is a wonderful introduction into eating better.
    even our zoo has found that the animals are healthier if they fast at least once a week!!! (they don’t get as much exercise as they would normally in the wild even though they have huge natural areas to live in.) we have a great zoo!
    i love the idea of feeling rested and clean. loved the way you put it all.
    ps… i have found that a vegetarian diet ( fish or shrimp only very occasionally) has made a difference in the texture of my skin. it’s much more fine than when i ate meat! i had heard that it makes a difference, and it really does.
    (also… the benefit of knowing you’re not adding to the horrendous cruelty of the way animals are raised and slaughtered just to feed us. that’s enough reason right there!)
    thank you for your smiling face and your spirit. you are beautiful inside and out!!!

  • Winnie

    This was a very nice & to the point video on healing yourself.A few months ago Myself & my husband were really worried about our blood work results. He had elevated Cholesterol 42 points & I had elevated Triglycerides 41 points. Over dinner one night we were telling our close friends that we exercise,bike, I go to Zumba classes 2X’s a week and the fact that we eat well it baffled us why we would have these results. They mentioned the Video “Fat Sick & Nearly Dead” this video changed our lives forever.If you haven’t seen it you must. At the time we couldn’t find a jucing machine anywhere I think everyone ran out and bought one.We ordered a Breville juicing machine online.We juiced with kale-beets-carrotts-ginger-lemon…you can get creative put in what you like that gives you incentive to drink. We had( 1 )fruit juice apple&pear& ginger 16oz in the morning then throughout the day( 4 )16 oz of veggies We did this for 10 days & had our blood work redone after a month went by we were completely down. I went down one pound a day as well. That was a plus! Our numbers came down as if we washed out a dirty sponge in the dishwasher.
    (Not a very good example but). I am so happy you share your knowledge as to the way you live & your interesting habits & in return maybe we all can give ours back to you these are wonderful women that follow you on this blog. I totally enjoy learning new things & referrals of videos & books so thanks to one of our blog members I will look up Forks over knives & Earthlings! Cindy thanks again!

    • Mary Beth

      Winnie, we discussed the video “Fat Sick & Nearly Dead” in my fitness and nutrition classes in college…very powerful video! I’m so happy to hear that you husband and yourself chose the healthy way to overcome poor blood work results rather than resorting to pills to “correct” the problem…I wish you continued success with your healthy lifestyles! : )

  • Dianne Madden

    Good Morning CIndy! Enjoyed the video and time with you, as usual! Great info. Have fun putting our house back together, and am happy you lgot the commercial. Love you, Dianne

  • P Harris

    goodmorning!I was told too, when you fast, the body regenerates new blood cells. With my own experience, I’ve noticed it flattens my belly and boosts my energy! thank you Cindy for having this topic!
    I’ve rec’d my orders yesterday, I’m excited, will be using it today! :-)

  • Linda

    I look forward to your video every Saturday, Thank You! I did a monitored fast for 5 mths once, and said I would never deprive myself of eating food again. I missed chewing. I know you have a busy schedule. If you would be so kind to maybe share with us a few days of your eating habits (with recipes).

  • Jeanne Kuskowski

    hi cindy – what type of cleansers do you use?

    • Cindy Joseph

      I use USANA Sense Gentle Facial Cleanser

  • Mary Beth

    Oh my Cindy! If i had just had my home overtaken by a camera crew and transformed, I would be out of my head…but look at you!!! Looking as calm, peaceful and beautiful as ever!!!! Very interesting vlog today and I am definatley going to look into reading up more on the subject of fasting, especially being that i am so into health, fitness and nutrition : )

  • ninaann

    Cindy what do you drink during your fast? In general, do you ever drink a wine?
    I used to fast, years ago in college. I would go 3 days with juice – loved it. May start again. Thanks for your video.

  • S.Miki

    I am 84 years old. I go on Stanley Burroughs’ cleansing diet. Before you go on this diet, make sure you read his book first, “The Cleansing Diet” and Tom Woloshyn’s”The Complete Master Cleanse. When I’m on this diet, I go about doing my daily schedule. I go to the gym and do some stretch and light weights. I don’t believe that you should just sit around doing nothing. Just don’t strain yourself.

    • Cindy Joseph

      On the Master Cleanse you are getting lots of calories so you can think and be active. Water fasting you should NOT!

  • Janet Lee

    Cindy, watching you talk makes me smile. Your goodness and happiness shines so brightly. You already know how I feel about fasting having the power to heal. It worked for me. Thanks for the video.

  • Linda in Oregon

    This is about product not video.
    My order should arrive tomorrow, and I can hardly wait to try the trio of Boom Sticks. I hesitated ordering at first because I saw the base ingredient is olive oil and at 61, I still have combination skin with prone- to-oily nose, forehead and chin area. I was afraid the moisturizer, in particular, would make be look “greasy” instead of “glowing.” But as I read the users’ reviews, I just could not resist trying.
    Recommendations for use from Cindy or other users for combination skin?
    Thanks for any advice.
    PS Really enjoy the videos especially on skin care and make up. Few videos out there for women our age on natural looking products.

    • Carolyn

      I have oily skin around my nose,and the glo stick is amazing. After a few days, my skin not only looks smoother, but feels like a babies’ butt!You are going to LOVE these products. Now I can’t wait to order the silk!

      • Linda in Oregon

        My trio arrived today; I am pleased the sticks do not feel oily at all. Glo on and around my lips feels good, hope it helps soften some of the lip lines :)

  • Deborah Miles

    Cindy, enjoyed the movie. I have been a vegetarian with salmon for over a year and had to stop because not all people can eat all that fruit. I usually have no problem with veggies and I like to juice them, the Juicemaster, Jason Vale in the UK has had some input on some of those shows I believe. He gives out a lot of free advice on his website. The reason I have to watch the fruit is because I have Candida off and on. Some people go on the Candida diet and in 6 wks they can start to add things back into their diet. I try that and it comes right back, so if I eat to much fruit the Candida goes nuts, the psoriasis on my scalp goes nuts. Unless someone knows all the facts about Candida, they have no idea what it is like or how to treat it. I started to eat chicken(organic) in my diet, but decided to take it out again and just eat fish. Some of the carbs, even though they are good carbs, like whole grains, beans, some of those I can’t have either. So, I will have to do some intense study for a vegetarian. No plans for vegan, but to each her own, right? I loved the video and your smile. Thank you so much. Just ordered another large Boom Silk.

    • Carolyn

      If you eat fish, you are a Pescatarian! I have to be careful of too many fruits as well, because I am Diabetic. I can’t really fast because of this, unless I constantly check my sugar to see if it gets too low,but I love a Pescatarian diet myself…

  • queenbee

    cindy, i’m a big fan. i used to be a vegetarian (of the laurel’s kitchen genre) and then i thought well, might as well go vegan. i put my family on the diet as well. i was very surprised when i found out that laurel didn’t recommend veganism–in fact, i cried! because my whole intent was to help and not to hurt. i’m sure that is your intent as well! you may want to read the book “the vegetarian myth” by lierre kieth– a long time vegan who became very unwell. veganism may be a great cleanse but it isn’t a natural way for a human to live, and hence it is a risky experiment. in fact, i do believe we humans need animal fats, i believe 100% in bone broth (from properly raised animals) for healing the gut and for skeletal health. i believe in the work of weston a. price. btw… i’m 49, have tried every diet, and (really) traditional, square meals are my ‘health secret’! I’m 5 months into growing out my hair dye! also– i do believe that fasting can be good for some, it isn’t good for those with burned-out adrenals. thanks for your blog!

  • Lucy R

    To all interested…filmmakers Tribe of Heart just released their wonderful documentary “Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home”. The trailer can be viewed at
    May all beings be free and at peace

    Cindy, I’ve been using BOOM products for about six months. LOVE ALL OF IT!
    BOOM trio is all I wear most days…other days I just add a little mascara.
    You go girl! :-) Also, you’ve inspired me…I’m going to set a date and start a water fast, maybe just a day or two give it a try. Thanks for all you do!

  • sue

    Got the video. It was amazing, thanks for sharing!!!