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In high school, Cindy pored through all the beauty and fashion magazines she could get her hands on. She was searching for make up techniques to change the way she looked. She wanted to look like the cover models and hide what she judged as her "flaws." She spent
hours playing with new products and practicing techniques on herself and her friends. Makeup was her passion.

A few years later, being highly influenced by the emerging ideas in the San Francisco Bay area during the 60s, she had a dramatic shift of perception. In 1969, her senior year of high school, she chose to throw out all her cosmetics in rebellion to what she thought was society's dictate to superficial beauty. However, she found herself in conflict about her desire to look her best.

After realizing most teenage girls deal with issues of self esteem, she decided to go head on into the very world she was rebelling against. She believed she would have more influence if she was "in the game." Using the skills and talents she had developed from working with local photographers, she began her career as a makeup artist for fashion and beauty in the late 70s. After working for the Esprit de Corps ad campaigns with Oliviero Toscani, she was encouraged to go to Paris to work with the European magazines and advertising clients. After three very successful years in Paris she arrived in New York at the top of the industry. She worked with fashion and beauty photographers making up the super models and celebrities of the time.





Cindy's natural makeup style influenced the face of beauty for 25 years. Her preference was to allow the character and personality of the woman to come forth, having the makeup enhance rather than mask their natural beauty.

As her career was flourishing, Cindy was studying human behavior, psychology and philosophy along with health and fitness. She was inspired to do so by her desire for self knowledge and to define true beauty. Becoming healthier and more self aware as time passed, Cindy embraced her age with enthusiasm and appreciation.

In 1999, at the age of 49, Cindy was approached on the street by a casting agent to model for Dolce and Gabbana photographed by Steven Meisel. That ignited her modeling career with Ford Models Inc. , which continues to flourish today. She is traveling the world once again, now working in front of the camera, for many of the same clients and magazines she had
during her make up career. Her face has been used in beauty campaigns for Garnier, Olay, Elizabeth Arden and Aveda to name a few. She has modeled for fashion clients such as Macy's, Sundance, Bloomingdales, Target, J.Jill, Shopbop, Ann Taylor, Liz Claiborne, Anthropologie, Banana Republic, J. Crew and the list goes on. Her face has graced covers and pages of Oprah , More, Glamour, Mademoiselle, Real Simple, Brigitta Woman, Marie Clair, Amica, Experience Life, European and Japanese fashion and beauty magazines. From beauty and fashion to hotel and real estate, from banking to pharmaceuticals, Cindy represents the healthy life style choices of the female Baby Boomers around the world.



Along side her modeling career, Cindy writes a monthly blog, "Just Cindy", for Experience Life Magazine, as well as a column in their news stand issue. She brings a new voice to the magazine, with a fresh and provocative perspective.



It's about women. It's about beauty. It's about time.